Half jackknife sit ups


Half jackknife sit ups
Half jackknife sit ups

Half jackknife sit ups with Liv Jagrell

Muscle Group:

lower abdominal muscles



an exercise mat

Jack-knife sit ups are a great, low-impact exercise for strengthening abdomen muscles. They are also essential towards achieving a six pack. The half knife sit up is a more challenging variation of this exercise. Going slower exercises the muscles additionally.

Beginners: 10 repetitions with each leg
Intermediate level: 15 repetitions with each leg
Advanced level: 20 repetitions with each leg

Detailed Workout Plan

Place your hands behind your back, slightly below shoulder level. Your legs should be a few inches off the floor and absolutely straight – ”lock” your knees.
Raise your right leg toward your torso and bend at your waist at the same time. Return to the starting position and repeat the same movement, this time lifting up the left leg. Exhale during the effort or lifting phase and inhale during the lowering phase.
Repeat the recommended number of times or the number mentioned above.

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